About Us

Who I am and what I do…

My name is Chad. I am the owner and a craftsman. I began working in the wood business in 1997 building custom log homes. My business now focuses on producing sturdy, beautiful, and unique furniture, railings, and carvings.

Call me with any questions. I will take the time to help you understand the differences in log furniture so you can make your purchase decision feeling confident and satisfied in your choice.

“Will you deliver the furniture?”  Yes. There is a delivery fee depending on distance, number of pieces ordered, and setup time. You love my product; I will find a mutually satisfactory way of getting it from the showroom to your home.

“Where do you get the wood?”  The logs are obtained from trees that are either beetle killed or fire killed spruce. I hand select the trees for the furniture. Removal of these trees is beneficial for forest conservation, fire prevention, and wildlife habitat.

“What are the different types of wood and finishes that I can order?”  When you order your custom furniture or choose it from the showroom, I will help you decide on the best finish to fit your needs. I can apply anywhere from a glass-like epoxy that is near bullet-proof, to a soft polish with a terrific luster. I can show you many different stains and urethanes that can be used to produce the finish and color you want in your home.

My wish is for you to have exactly the furniture you want that will last for generations with little to no maintenance.

“It’s all log furniture. Why are there such price differences?”  Log furniture is not all the same. Price often, though not necessarily, reflects quality. Things to look at are whether it is machined or hand made. How are the parts joined together? Is the furniture finished? If it is, how is it finished and what products were used? Is there character in the logs? Was solid wood utilized everywhere in the piece? And, is there an artistic eye and great care evident in its construction?

Each piece of my furniture is hand-crafted and preassembled to ensure proper fit, finish, and character. The final product reflects the pride I have in my workmanship. When visiting our showroom you can feel and see the excellence of my product. Call me for a personal appointment.